Bring Back the New – Easy Detailing, Steps 1 and 2

Over time, grease, grime and debris will collect on your car in areas you don’t pay particular attention to – until you see how they should look.
Volkswagens are resilient cars that retain a fresh finish for many years.  All you need to do is break through a layer of road grease and car wash film to return your vehicle’s finish to that sought-after “new” look.
Following are steps 1 & 2 of our 6-step Easy Detailing series.  Each mini-series will finish with recommendation of an exterior car wash to tie it all together.
Good luck!
1: Window Cleaning
  • Required tools: Ammonia-free Window Cleaner (won’t harm window tint), Lint-free cloth (micro-fiber towel is ideal)
  • Time budget: ~15 minutes
  • Note: Be sure to clean windows out of direct sunlight so the cleaner doesn’t evaporate.
  • Steps:
    • Spray ammonia-free glass cleaner (such as Invisible Glass available locally) over window glass.
    • Soak window thoroughly and wipe cleaner to glass edges.  Wipe glass until clear and dry.
    • For added measure, lightly spray cleaner on the wiping cloth and quickly wipe window one last time to remove streaks.

 2: Wheel Cleaning and Degreasing

  • Required tools: All-purpose cleaner/degreaser (options here), thick rag or old towel
  • Time budget: ~15 minutes
  • Note: Wheels pick up grease and grime over time, creating a “tar and feathers” effect when met with brake dust and dirt
  • Steps:
    • Spray cleaner on wheel surface and let soak for 10-15 seconds, depending on build-up.
    • Wipe clean with a clean, lint-free rag.
    • Side note: Scrubbing wheels can damage their finish.  If in doubt, repeat process and let cleaner soak again.

Final step

  • To finish off your car cleanup, give it an exterior wash.  Take it through an automated car wash or wash it yourself at home.
  • Car wash:
    • Go somewhere you know the brushes are soft and soaked in water to reduce/remove chances of scratching.
    • Pack a chamois or towel so you can dry the car completely, and “chase” the water run marks when returning home.
  • Driveway:
    • It’s a good idea to wash your car in the shade, preferably in the early morning or evening.
    • Use a good amount of car wash soap (not dishwashing detergent) to create lather and pull dirt from the car.
    • Rinse thoroughly.  Remaining soap will attract dirt and dust.
    • Dry throughly.


You’re done!  Stand back and admire the finished product.

Easy Detailing steps 3-6 will be posted in coming months.  Stay tuned!

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