The Unpleasant Odour Experience

It’s that time of year again, temperatures are rising and you may find yourself reaching for that A/C button to cool things down on these sticky days. Much like all vehicles equipped with air-conditioning or climate control, as your Volkswagen begins to cool you down and the temperatures inside the cabin begin to dip, some peculiar or sometimes, smelly things can begin to happen. Have you ever turned on you’re A/C and received a blast of stinky air? Remembering back to grade school science class, when warm air mixes with cold air; condensation is formed.

This condensation can sometimes collect inside HVAC system of your Volkswagen and can become a problem if it’s unable to dry out properly between uses. Now formed into water droplets, these tiny guys can sit and fester, causing bacteria to form on the inside surfaces which, is usually the main source of the unpleasant odor we sometimes get blasted with for several seconds when turning the system on for the first time after the car has been sitting for usually more then 5 hours.

In defense of these naturally caused odors and other nasty particles present in our air, most current Volkswagen models are equipped with an activated carbon filter or sometimes called a ‘pollen filter’. This filter is designed to trap and neutralize these smelly and irritating particles. However, depending on the climate and environment you drive in on a daily basis, this filter may eventually become overwhelmed and rendered useless, thus requiring replacement more often then the 30,000 km interval stated in your owners manual or service schedule.

The cabin-air filter can only do so much in the battle to keep the air clean and odor free inside your Volkswagen. For real stubborn odor problems emanating from your HVAC system you may want to seek the assistance of Georgetown Volkswagen’s Service Team. Our Service Department is equipped with necessary products and tools to effectively neutralize these types of contaminants accumulated in your Volkswagens HVAC system.

When this service is performed, our Volkswagen trained technicians will always remove, inspect and then replace the activated carbon filter, an important step to remove all traces of contaminants in the system.

If you’ve had the ‘unpleasant odor experience’, its important not to let it go unchecked for too long as you can run the risk of allowing these contaminants to settle and accumulate in the interior fabrics, and we all know that can’t be a good thing!

Be sure to keep your cool this summer by keeping your Volkswagen Air Conditioning in ‘tip top shape’.  To discuss what A/C service is right for your situation, please feel free to contact our friendly Service Team at Georgetown Volkswagen, today!

Note: Save on A/C Deodorizing through June!  Offer details: Service Specials

Georgetown Volkswagen is the home of the best customer service, serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.

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