Who Turned Out The Lights?

In the past, Volkswagen headlights were made from glass and were not as vulnerable to discoloration; however, designers were limited by both the size and shapes they could produce. Fast forward to the modern Volkswagen with its advanced aerodynamic styling and lighting technology and we can quickly realize why all Volkswagen models are now equipped with plastic or polycarbonate headlight lenses. Today this plastic material is the chosen choice because it is very light and can be transformed into unlimited sizes and shapes to satisfy new Volkswagen designs.

Polycarbonate has its advantages but also has its disadvantages—namely oxidation/discolouration. To the naked eye one cannot tell that these plastic lenses are actually a porous material that expands ever so slightly when it gets hot. Degradation of the lens occurs over time and is pretty typical. Having your headlights on or being exposed to the heat of the day causes theses tiny pores to open, allowing debris from the road to get in. Debris, together with a combination of environmental factors such as the sun (UV rays), smog, acid rain, car exhaust, and harsh chemicals used to wash your Volkswagen can cause the plastic headlight lenses to become oxidized over time.

Plastic oxidation leads to lens discoloration, which transforms new, clear, bright, shiny Volkswagen headlights to a dull yellow tint that appears to be foggy, hazy, or cloudy. This process (oxidation), as described above, not only becomes an eyesore but also is unsafe. Because of the degradation of the plastic lens, less light passed through resulting in diminished visibility during night driving down those long winding roads on the way to the cottage.

Replacing the headlights on your Volkswagen can be a costly investment in both time and money and it’s just not an option for most people but there is a much more practical and cost effective solution available. Our Service Team knows your Volkswagen best,  we are ready with the proper tools and materials to restore your original headlights back to their former glory while saving you a bundle!

‘Turn the lights back on’ tonight, by calling the friendly staff at Georgetown Volkswagen today!  Please contact us by email or phone (866-877-5285 toll free), it’s our pleasure to help!

Georgetown Volkswagen is the home of the best customer service, serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.

2 responses to “Who Turned Out The Lights?

  1. After all this diatribe justifying what the lens is loosing it’s transparency, I was hoping to read what an owner can do by himself, without having to bring the car in for repair.

    • Thanks for your comment! The reality is that there are multiple solutions available. The most reliable is to have a shop with experience and the tools necessary to carry out the repair. Local shops like Canadian Tire will carry compound/wax/polish solutions which will reduce the appearance of oxidation, but in our experience the results (short and long term) are more effective using commercial-grade equipment (a [very] high speed orbital polisher in particular).

      This being said, 3M has a kit that comes well recommended. Please have a look if you’re interested: http://bit.ly/LTfVGd

      It wasn’t our intention to set people up to have them see us exclusively; more to make it known that there are solutions available to remedy those foggy/yellowed headlamps that offer reduced visibility/safety, and we happen to be one such provider. We hope this information is helpful! Thank you.

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