When we apply our super sleuth decoding skills to the events of week 14, we predict that an electrical panel install and utility connection are in our future. Here’s why:

– Although it’s very stylish, Halton Hills Hydro did not install a new utility pole in front of our dealership just for fun.
– Choosing to make the floor for the electrical utility room the first main floor concrete pour seems somewhat conspicuous.
– Installing exterior engineered sheathing, while attractive from the outside, makes the interior spaces considerably darker. The introduction of electric lighting will be much appreciated by the interior trades.

Perhaps we are reading too much into the events that have unfolded, but it’s fun to guess. What say you?



9 responses to “Prognostication

  1. Do you have any tips about starting a blog? I’m just extremely tired of doing the same
    kind of thing in the office and would like something more challenging.

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