Out with the Old

It’s tricky to create a new retail environment while continuing our daily operations. As a result, the Das Build team has been maintaining a delicate balance of our old and new operations. Due to continued delays by Bell Canada, a significant challenge has been protecting our telephone connection during construction. For several months, Das Build has been forced to protect the small piece of our previous building that supported the demarcation point of our current telephone service. Sadly, protecting that piece also prohibited Das Build from properly completing our new Service Reception Drive Through and completely closing in our new building. This week Das Build’s patience expired, and the last remaining piece of our old dealership had to go, despite Bell Canada’s inability to establish our new service in a timely manner.

We remain hopeful that Bell Canada will soon deliver the connection for which we contracted last year, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience you may experience trying to contact us by telephone. It appears that this may be the price of progress.

The following pictures illustrate the efforts made by the Das Build team to protect this delicate connection since July 2013:











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